3 Tips Before Choosing Your Next Dog

Owning a dog is probably one of the most rewarding experiences in life. They can be the best exercise partner or the most understanding shoulder to cry on. So a dog is not just nearly an animal that roams your house and yard, they are part of the family. And just like any dependent member of the family, these four-legged bundles of joy demand responsible ownership. So before you go searching ” puppies for sale in Orlando, ” or dog store near me ” we compiled a list of 5 important things any new or even seasoned dog owner should consider.

Understanding that not every dog will adapt well to your lifestyle is a huge factor. Some dogs such as the Australian Shepherd, German Shepherd, and Boxer, demand a sufficient amount of exercise to live long happy and healthy lives. Or there are those dogs that demand a lot of attention from their owners such as the English Bulldog, Dalmatian, and Yorkie Terrier. Each breed has its pros and cons research is highly recommended before adding any dog to your family. So do a quick lifestyle analysis, and see which breed best fits the way you wish to live. The worst thing is when someone adds a dog to the family, the dog falls in love, and then is given away or abandoned for no fault of its own.

Adding a pup to the house hold does come at a price. From expenses such as food, grooming, and vet visits a dog does add some weight to your budget. Now not to worry there are dogs that do not add to much, but there are some that with time may cost a bit more to sustain. Learning about common health and grooming issues can save you a lot of time, money and most importantly heartache. So yes while that little Rottweiler, English Bulldog, or Bernese Mountain Dog puppy maybe cute their grooming and health care may not be in your budget. So do yourself and the puppies a favor, and make sure you have set a realistic budget aside for your next best friend. 

Very rarely will you ever get a puppy fully trained. So being prepared to take some time out for your new friend matters. Where again research matters, some breeds are very easy to teach like a Poodle, while others can be very stubborn like the Chow Chow. Even if your an experienced dog owner, if you never owned a certain breed its good to brush up on their temperament. Certapet has great information on which are the most difficult breeds to train, we recommend you click here to learn more