The Power of a Dogs Love and Your Mental Health


Sharing your life with a pet can be the most rewarding experience. Yet there many who still don’t know the mental benefits a puppy can bring. It is only recently that there have been studies to understand the aid of a human-animal bond.

Dogs have become acutely attuned to humans behaviors and emotions. They have the capability of understanding tones, body language, and gestures. Just by eye contact alone, dogs are able to gauge your emotional state. Dogs loyalty and affection are truly unconditional. It has been noted that having a dog can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, ease the feeling of loneliness, and encourage exercise.

How A Puppy Can Help Create Healthy Lifestyle Changes

  • Physical Activity – The daily task of taking your puppy for a walk, is rewarding in the simple fact that it gets you active and moving. Studies have shown that dog owners are more likely to meet their daily exercise requirements. It also is a great bonding experience, as it lowers the chance of destructive behaviors, and maintain your furry friend’s health.
  • Friendship – Companionship can assist in preventing illness and prolong your lifespan. Taking care of a puppy can help you feel needed and wanted, it creates a distraction from your issues, especially if you live alone. 
  • Meeting Others – Owning a puppy can really help break the ice in social environments. Whether it be in a park, pet store, or on a walk dog lovers like to chat with other dog lovers. And one way to help with mental health is communicating with others who have shared interests, eliminating the feel of isolation.
  • Reducing Anxiety – The bond between man and dog can really add a level of comfort to one’s life. This can really ease the stress of anxiety for some, especially when going out into the world. This because puppies or dogs, in general, live in the moment. They don’t care what happened yesterday or what’s going to happen tomorrow. And that simple joy they express can help you appreciate the present.
  • Add Structure To Your Routine – Dogs are creatures of habit, they love their walks, food, and playtime, scheduled out for them. Having a consistent routine helps puppies remain balanced and calm – which in turn helps you. No matter your mood—depressed, anxious, or stressed—one plaintive look from your pet and you’ll have to get out of bed to feed, exercise, and care for them.

The Benefits Of Dogs For Older Adults

  • Find Meaning And Joy In Life – As the clock ticks on our time, we tend to lose things the preoccupied our time and gave us meaning. Children leave the house, careers come to a close, goals become accomplishments. Caring for a puppy or dog, can bring pleasure and help boost your morale, optimism, and sense of self-worth. 
  • Stay Connected –  Keeping a social network as you age isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Retirement, illness, death, and relocation can alter relationships. And making new friends at an older age can get harder. But with the companionship of a puppy is a great way to spark conversation with new people.
  • Boost Your Vitality – Taking care of your body and mind as you age can help you overcome many physical challenges. A puppy can encourage exercise, playfulness, and joy. This can assist in boosting your immune system and increase your overall energy

The Benefits Of Dogs For Children

A dog can help a child develop a sense of compassion, responsibility, and empathy.

  • Dogs are not like parents or teachers for kids, they are not critical and don’t bark orders. They are a constant stream of love and help provide a sense of security in children. So for them, it can help relieve separation anxiety when mom and dad are not around.   
  • The companionship of a dog can also facilitate a sense of importance in a child. Which can lead to them have a better outlook on their self-image.
  • An emotional attachment to a dog can also improve the child’s chance of being able to build relationships with other people
  • There has also been researching to show that a dog can help calm hyperactivity and aggression in children. This can only take place when the dog is well-trained.

Children and adults can greatly benefit from having a dog. They provide a sense of calmness as well as a source of stimulation for the body and brain. Caring for a puppy and watching it grow into healthy adult dog can be a doorway of learning, with endless rewards. Their ability to love unconditionally and follow us to the end gives reason to why they earned the name “man’s best friend.”