French Bulldog Breed Information

French Bulldog Breed Information



Playful, Intelligent, and Compliant

Height: 11-13 inches

Weight: under 28 pounds

Average life span: 10-12 years

Details about French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs resemble a Bulldogs in miniature form, the main difference their signature perky  bat-like ears. They have an extremely short nose, large square head and heavy wrinkles on their face. Their body is compact and muscular covered in a smooth coat of fur.

The intelligent, and loving Frenchie is a true charmer. Typically a quiet breed as the Frenchie does not bark much, but they are very alert making them for good watchdogs. They adapt very well to their family wheater it be a single owner, couple, or multi-person unit, and do not require a ton of exercise. They are usually very sociable making them easy friends for other animals and humans. And as the name does detail they do hail from the country of France.

Caring For A French Bulldog Puppy

When it comes to caring for your Frenchie their diet should match their age, to ensure they are receiving the proper nutrients. They can become obese which can do long term damage to their physical structure. It is recommended to avoid table scraps if at all foods that are low in fat. If choosing to give dog treats do so sparingly. As with any breed always check what human foods are ok for dogs.

Grooming A French Bulldog

Frenchie’s coat does not shed much. Weekly brushes using a rubber grooming mit or hound glove will assist in removing hair to keep them looking their best. Brushing helps with new hair growth and distributes oils throughout their coat. Their facial folds should also be kept dry and clean to avoid skin irritation. Like with all breeds nail trimming should happen regularly to avoid pain.

Exercising A French Bulldog

Short walks or play session in the outdoors is enough exercise to keep your Frenchie in shape. As a flat-faced breed, they are prone to difficulties breathing. So during hot or humid weather caution should be taken when letting run and play outside. 

Training A French Bulldog

Just like any other dog, early socialization will help your pup be well mannered as an adult. They do have a huge personality and can be a bit stubborn, but overall they enjoy pleasing their human friends. They work well with positive reinforcement, such as food, but should be done in moderation as to not overfeed them.