Pomeranian Breed Information

Pomeranian Breed Information



Analytical, Undaunted, and Spirited

Height: 6-7 inches

Weight: 3-7 pounds

Average life span: 12-16 years

Details about Pomeranian

If you had to sum up Pomeranians in one sentence; They are big dogs trapped in tiny bodies. Their trademark double coat which puffs outward comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The most common of colors being orange or red as some may call it.

Pomeranians make training easy and act as great watchdogs, as they are highly intelligent and seem to always be on the alert. They can make for great family pets, although with children it’s best if the child is old enough to know the difference between a toy and a dog. Poms are an active breed but the good news is they can get enough of a workout indoors. 

Caring For A Pom Puppy

The Pomeranian like most dogs will do well with high-quality dog food, and any diet should take into account the dog’s age. Caloric intake should be monitored as some dogs have no off switch when it comes to eating. A pup being overweight can lead to long term health issues, shorting their life expectancy. Always consult with a vet about your puppy’s diet. When it comes to human foods we recommend reviewing this list that goes over what foods are ok for dogs to consume. 

Grooming This Little Puffball

The Pomeranian’s puffy double coat is its trademark feature. Brushing should be frequent as to maintain the beauty of their coat. A pin brush and slicker brush once a week will prevent the fur from matting. It is highly recommended for your pom to visit a groomer at least once a month- If you are not comfortable clipping nails and cleaning anal glands at home. These are an active dog so keeping nails short will help with discomfort and long term damage.

Exercising These Lapdogs

These tiny little lapdogs do come with a lot of energy and they enjoy staying active. Thanks to their compact size it makes it possible for them to get enough exercise indoors if you have sufficient space. When frolicking outdoors it is recommended to keep a close eye on you Pom as predatory birds, such as hawks and owls may perceive your pup as a snack. The pomeranian size also makes them prime escape artists, with the ability to squeeze through small gaps in the fencing. Also when walking you Pom in areas where there may be other dogs keep a watchful eye as other dogs who are not controlled can hurt this dainty breed.

Training A Pomeranian

Pomeranians should be taught from an early age to walk on a leash and trained when to come when called. House training can have its challenges but being patient and consistent with it is going to be key. And although it may impossible for your Pom to jump on and off couches and beds, it can lead to serious injury and long term joint damage. Overall training can be easy as this breed is a real people pleaser with a high level of intelligence. They can also make for great therapy dogs.

If you are looking for a small dog that can act as a watchdog and great companion we would recommend this breed to you. Check out available puppies to see what breeds we have in store.