English Mastiff Breed Information

English Mastiff Breed Information



Brave, Noble, Kindhearted

Height: Males 30 inches and up, Females 27.5 inches and up 

Weight: Males 160-230 pounds, Females 120-170 pounds

Average life span: 6-10 years

Details about Mastiff

At first glance, the Mastiff seems like a giant that could overpower most men. But after some time with the breed their compassionate and gentle nature becomes apparent. The standard Mastiff has a rectangular muscled body, covered by either fawn, apricot, or brindle coat. The head is large and adorned with a face full of wrinkles and loose skin. This breed is a guardian who takes the best to gentle training. They are incredibly loyal and cautious around strangers. They can make for amazing pets but note this is a breed that will require commitment.

Grooming A Mastiff Puppy

The Mastiff’s short, dense coat is easy to groom, usually requiring only a quick brushing every few days. During periods of heavy shedding once or twice a year, more frequent sessions with a strong, toothed comb are recommended to remove dead hair. The ears and the deep wrinkles around the Mastiff’s head, eyes, and muzzle should be regularly inspected and cleaned, and the nails trimmed short. Finally, Mastiffs drool! Most owners keep cloths at hand to wipe “slingers” off their Mastiff’s face and their own and visitors’ clothing.

Exercising This Massive Breed

These guardians have comparatively low exercise requirements and can thrive in small living conditions. As with most breeds playtime and daily walls stimulates the mind and body. Do note that when it comes to walking this breed you must not overwork them, a mile or 2 max. The golden rule is; do not walk a Mastiff farther than you can carry them back. Also, it is best practice for the longevity of their health to avoid running up and downstairs and reframe from high impact jumps. This will help prevent hip issues later on in life.

Training These Giant Pups

Training and socialization are musts for this breed. They do train easily but too much repetition can bore them. They also understand eye cues so it’s important to make eye contact with your Mastiff. As stated before they respond much better to positive reinforcement, besides body language and eye cues they understand tones very well. And “angry tones” can easily show them you are displeased with their behavior. So make training fun and different to keep you Mastiff fully engaged.

All in all the Mastiff is a very loving breed, making for a great family dog. So if you are looking for a guard dog who can easily adapt to new places and situations. The Mastiff might be just the dog for you. Check out our available puppies to see if we have one in store.