German Shepherd Breed Information

German Shepherd Breed Information



Poised, Brave, and Intellegnet 

Height: 22-26 inches 

Weight: 50-90 pounds 

Average life span: 7-10 years

Details about German Shepherds

The German, a breed that boasts loyalty, courage, and confidence. Their ability to understand commands for a variety of tasks and selfless nature makes them a prime pooch for most families.  They can demonstrate incredible levels of self-control and gentleness with the family. While being quick to respond as a guardian for those they love. They can definitely be an intimidating breed but at their core, they love to love. 

There is a bit of difference when it comes to male and female shepherds, in terms of height and weight. The male’s height will range from 24-26 inches and weight is around 65-90 pounds. Females tend to stand around  22-24 inches and weight is around 50-70 pounds. Breed standards will have perky upright ears, long muzzle, and slightly slanted or angled back.

Grooming A German Shepherd Puppy Coat

These dogs have a medium-length coat, double coat which is dense, grating, and a close laying outer with a soft undercoat. The German Shepherd is quite easy to maintain overall, occasional brushing throughout the week will help remove loose hairs. Shedding will happen, and there will be about 2 points in the year where shedding is heavier than the norm. Around these times brushing more frequently will prevent the house from being covered in clumps of fur. Bath time should only be occasional and like any breed, nail trimmings are a monthly must.

Exercising This Herding Breed

The German Shepherd is a very active and athletic breed, they should receive an adequate amount of exercise to ensure they stay healthy mentally and physically. When not receiving the proper amount of exercise the dog can develop some undesirable behaviors. With a puppy, short daily walks and play sessions will suffice. This breed enjoys activities that involve their owner. These moments help build the bond between the pup and its owner and can be both beneficial physically and mentally for both parties. 

Training A German Shepherd Puppy

Early socialization and puppy training classes are always recommended no matter the breed. While the German Shepherd is known for its intelligence, allowing exposure to different dogs and humans helps them understand friend from foe. Consistency and positivity help re-enforce healthy patterns. Training also allows for special bonds to be made between the Shepherd and his family. Reward-based training has shown the most positive results. The German Shepherd Dog Club provides detailed training advice for those who are looking to become owners.

All in all the German Shepherd is a very loyal and intelligent dog. Check out our available puppies if you are looking to add one to your family. 


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