How Hot Is Too Hot For My Dog?

Keep Your Dog Safe From Heat

How To Keep Your Puppy Cool In The Summer

Summer can be an uncomfortable time for dogs and humans alike. Especially here in Florida where humidity makes stepping outside almost unbearable. So to help those who might be a new dog owner or new to leaving in a region with sweltering summers. We created this article to help identify how hot is too hot and give out some tips and tricks to help cool down your puppy.

Practice Basic Summer Safety

Never Leave Your Puppy / Dog In The Car

Even though most will see this as a no brainer, too many times have we heard tragic stories of dogs and hot cars. We don’t even recommend leaving them alone in the car with the engine running an air conditioner on. The temperature in vehicles can soar at a very rapid rate, and this can spell disaster for pups. Within 10 minutes a car, even with windows cracked, temperatures can go from the 80’s to about 102 degrees. And in those few minutes, your dog can suffer irreversible organ damage or worse.

Humid Weather And Your Dogs Health

Panting allows dogs to evaporate moisture from their lungs, this takes the heat away from their body. And is the only natural cooling mechanism pups have. When humidity levels get too high, dogs are unable to bring down their body temperature. So when checking the weather it’s important to not solely focus on ambient temperature, but how humid it is as well. A dog’s temperature should never get close to 104 degrees.

Limit Your Puppy's Play Time And Exercise On Hot Days

Now, this tip will vary from breed to breed as dogs with smushed or short snouts tend to be higher risk in heat because of breathing problems. Adjust the intensity and span of exercise to the temperature. And check the asphalt your dog will be walking on as it can burn your pup’s paws, walk on grass if possible.  Remember to always bring along a bottle of water to prevent your dog from becoming dehydrated. We also would recommend investing in products to help your dog stay cool, such as these that can be found on Amazon

Signs Your Dog Is Having A Heatstroke

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from heatstrokes. Some indications that your dog is having a heat stroke are:

  • Heavy panting, 
  • Glazed eyes, 
  • Rapid heartbeat, 
  • Difficulty breathing,
  • Excessive thirst, 
  • Lethargy, 
  • Fever, 
  • Dizziness, 
  • Lack of coordination, 
  • Profuse salivation, 
  • Vomiting,
  • A deep red or purple tongue, 
  • Seizure and unconsciousness.

As stated before some dogs might be a higher risk depending if they are a puppy, old, overweight, not conditioned, or have respiratory / heart disease. Breeds like Bulldogs, Boxers, Pugs, or short muzzles, in general, will have a harder time in the heat.

How To Treat A Dog Suffering From Heat Stroke

Take your dog to a shaded and/or air-conditioned area. Apply cold towels and ice packs to their head, neck, and chest. You can also run cool water over them, just make sure it is not cold. Offer them small amounts of cool water or ice cubes. If possible take them to the veterinarian immediately.