Preparing Your Dog For A Hurricane

How To Prepare Your Dog For Storms

Living in areas prone to being affected hurricanes, makes being prepared for them an annual task. If you’re like us, who live in Florida, this time of year has become routine. Now although some of us may be seasoned when it comes to these destructive storms. It’s still super important to get a checklist ready to make sure everyone and everything is accounted for. In this article, we will be focusing on how to get your puppy ready for the big storm.

Make An Emergency Plan For Your Dog

Being ready for the worst-case scenario is always a plus. As it allows you to make clear and concise decisions while under duress. A well thought out emergency plan includes where to go in case of an evacuation, how to stay in contact if separated, and what to do if you can not return home. Whether you choose to stay or evacuate having an emergency kit prepped for your dog is important. 

Here is a list of things to consider for your dog

  1. Fresh water and food (a weeks worth)
  2. First aid kit.
  3. Potty pads, Garbage bags and cleaning supplies.
  4. Medications.
  5. Medical records.
  6. Contact information for your veterinarian.
  7. Contact information of vets in areas you will evacuate to
  8. Toys to keep them busy
  9. Leash and collar
  10. ID tags.
  11. Microchip activated if applicable 
  12. List of pet-friendly shelters and accommodations, in case you need to evacuate.


Dogs With Microchips

During turbulent storms becoming separated from your dog can be a nightmare. One way to ease your mind when it comes to finding your beloved four-legged family member is to have them micro chopped. A microchip is placed under your pup’s skin by your veterinarian, it contains a unique ID number that contains your contact information. Always check that your contact info is up-to-date, which can be done by contacting the manufacturer of the chip.

During storms, it would also be wise to keep your dog wearing a collar with an ID tag. The tag should include, at the bare minimum, their name, and your phone number. If your dog suffers from any condition that requires regular medications, it would be in your best interest to include that information on the tag as well.

Hurricane Preventative Care For Your Dog

These storms bring a lot of rain and sometimes flooding. And while dogs might be tempted to drink from it, these waters contain bacteria mold and parasites. This increases the prevalence of certain illnesses, such as heartworms and leptospirosis. In the case that your puppy or dog has to be boarded at a kennel, this could expose them to kennel cough. So it would be in your pets best to make sure all parasite prevention and vaccinations are up-to-date. Always consult with your veterinarian to find the best preventative care options for your puppy.

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