Papillon Breed Information

Papillon Breed Information



Affectionate, Active, Joyful

Height:  8-11 inches

Weight: 5-10 pounds 

Average life span: 14-16 years

Details about Papillion Puppies

Papillon’s are a tiny breed measuring out at 8 – 11 inches, but don’t let their tiny build let you think these dogs are hard to spot. Adorned with their signature wing-shaped ears, these tiny pups really grab your attention. The name “Papillion” is actually French for “butterfly.” Some Papillion’s ears are erect while some have theirs turned down. Now even though this is tiny they are more robust then they appear. They adapt any season and can fulfill many duties.

Grooming A Papillion

Now unlike most dogs with long silky hair, Papillion’s grooming needs are fairly low, this is due to the lack of undercoat. A nice grooming every month will do just fine. In between groomings running a comb or slick brush through their hair will prevent mats from occurring. Pap’s nails tend to grow rapidly so it will be imperative you keep up with trimming. The dewclaw is one of the nails that will definitely require checking, as it can curl inward and begin to pierce the skin. Regular brushing your Pap’s teeth or using toys/bones designed for oral health will help prevent gum disease.

Exercising The Papillion

A major plus to the Papillion being on the smaller side is that they can get a decent amount of exercise indoors. They are active, intelligent, and will love playtime with their owners. Simple games indoors such as fetch can supply a decent amount of exercise for this breed if outdoors isn’t an option. But if available outdoors is where this breed can tap into some of their natural instincts. Such chasing small creatures such as squirrels, mice, and even insects. When planning to take your Pap out to areas with other dogs it is recommended to keep a watchful eye. Papillions tend to not understand the size and playing with larger breeds can lead to injury. 

Training A Papillion

This is a very intelligent breed and they are eager to please their owners. Overall it is said that dogs that are on the smaller side are a bit more difficult to housetrain then larger breeds, but this not the case with the Papillion. And just like any other dog socialization helps them understand the difference between friend or foe. This breed is big on companionship if they are left unattended they can develop some undesirable habits. The good news is that they do learn fairly quickly and if there is an older trained dog in the house, with good habits, they will pick up on their cue’s.

All in all the Papillion is a very affectionate breed, making for a great family dog. So if you are looking for an active companion who can easily adapt to new places and situations. The Papillion might be just the dog for you.

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