Boxer Breed Information

Boxer Breed Information



Smart, Fun-Loving, and Full Of Energy

Height: 21.5-25 inches 

Weight: 65-80 pounds

Average life span: 10-12 years

Overview of Boxer Puppies

A breed standard Boxer is a truly an amazing specimen. The muscular frame fitted with a tight coat of brindle or fawn is matched with a wrinkled alert face and protruding underbite. Boxers are extremely athletic and move with much power and grace. They are known for the almost endless source of energy and love some good playtime with their family. Protection is part of the breed’s natural instinct, always on the lookout for any threats. This is a dog well fit for small children as they love to play guardian best friend.

Grooming A Boxer

The coat of a boxer requires little maintenance. With a hound glove or rubber brush once to two times a week will do just fine. This breed tends to be a very clean dog, meaning bath time is only occasional. Dental upkeep is recommended to prevent tartar build-up, daily if at all possible.

Exercising This Sporting Breed

Now when we say this breed is full of energy, do not take it lightly. Boxers require a good amount of exercise every single day. This will prevent any unwanted behaviors and habits from forming. A nice walk or a game of fetch in a fenced-in yard might possibly do the trick. This breed loves to spend love spend a good deal of its time jumping and leaping about. As puppies, they will tend to be rambunctious and will need reminders to “stay down.” Boxers are very powerful athletes who seem to have endless energy, meaning this may not be the breed of choice for frail adults or small children.

Training A Golden Retriever

As always early socialization is highly recommended, and puppy obedience training will help the breed channel its energy in a positive way. The Boxer has a reputation for its high intelligence level and capability to easily become bored. Now the boxer, if trained, can excel in many activities such as herding and agility. They can also make for great service and therapy dogs.

Boxer puppies can be the right fit for someone looking for an athletic fun-loving dog. So if you are looking for an active companion who can easily adapt to new places and situations. The Boxer might be just the dog for you.