Siberian Husky Breed Information

Siberian Husky Breed Information



Warm, Affectionate, and Playful

Height: 20-23.5 inches

Weight: 35-60 pounds

Average life span: 12-14 years

Details On The Siberian Husky

The Husky is a medium-sized pooch who’s almond-shaped brown or blue eyes gleam with love. They have a powerful yet graceful gait that makes even the heaviest of Husky’s movements seem effortless. The heaviest you should see a Siberian is around 60 pounds for males, females tend to be a bit smaller. They bare much resemblance to their cousin, the Alaskan Malamute. 

Huskies are a pack dog, meaning they enjoy family life and are usually friendly with other pups. Their tendency to be friendly does make them a kind of aloof watchdog. But they do love a good chase, and once they start it is almost as if there is no stopping them. One feature about the dog that most owners love is the fact they are naturally clean and hold very little stench.

Grooming A Husky Coat

There is one major perk to owning a Husky that many will enjoy, and that is the fact they are a self-cleaning breed. Now, this doesn’t mean baths are obsolete altogether, it means that baths happen much less often. Brushings should still happen regularly to keep their skin healthy. And during the shedding season, which happens twice a year, it’s important to rake out the old coat with a pin brush. Their double coat does shed but brushing will help avoid too much fur being left about the house.

Exercising This Energetic Breed

This breed is active, meaning that exercise is a must. They are happy when they are performing some type of function in their life. So regularly exercising Huskies is important to not only their physical but their mental health as well. Activities with their family strengthen the bond between them and their owners. Solo workouts do help but Siberians are known to prefer spending time around their loved ones than running around a yard by themselves. This breed is obsessed with running and will do so at any opportunity. So keeping them on a leash when outdoors or loose in a fence in an area is imperative. Staying active keeps this breed from mischief and unwanted behaviors, so be prepared to spend time daily to at least give them a good walk.

Training A Siberian Husky Puppy

If you have followed our blogs on breeds you will know that with all breeds early socialization is important, and the Siberian Husky is no exception. Making training a fun task for both the owner and the puppy is the best approach. Using positive reinforcement, such as treats, helps to also help establish the wanted behaviors. An example of this would be when taking the dog out for a walk, when they do their “business” outdoors an immediate treat shows them they did well. Making their activities social also helps, as this is a breed that enjoys the company of other dogs.

All in all the Siberian Husky is a fun loving energetic breed, making for a great family dog. So if you are looking for an active companion. The Siberian Husky might be just the dog for you.

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