Cane Corso Puppy Breed Information

Cane Corso Puppy Breed Information



Caring, Intelligent, Diginified

Height: 23.5-27.5 inches 

Weight: 88-110 pounds

Average life span: 9-12 years

Overview of Cane Corso Puppies

With heights close to 28 inches and potential weight over 100 pounds. It’s understandable why some may find this breed to be quite intimidating. Built with a large head, observant expression, and broad muscles defining a short stiff coat, Corsi makes for a very intriguing experience as an owner. They may be taken to be lackadaisical, but on the contrary, this breed is an extremely competent pup that has the demeanor of a pro bodyguard. They are a breed who loves hard and will do whatever to see their family happy and safe. They are wickedly bright making great for training.

Grooming A Cane Corso

These majestic beasts come with a short double-layered coat of fur. The undercoat of a Cane Corso will vary in length, depending on the dog’s environmental climate. Shedding will be something you should prepare for as it will happen all year round especially during warmer months. We would recommend using brushes with medium-bristles or a rubber grooming mitt. This practice will help relieve the stress of finding little hairs about the house, it will also remove dirt and promote growth.

Exercising This Ginormous Breed

Exercise and Cane Corsos are some serious business. Not in the sense of hard work but more of something that should always be in front of mind as an owner. Simple walks or runs if possible will ensure your Corso remains healthy for the long haul. This will promote better physical and mental health, and keep their physique in top shape. If you ever find your gigantic companion acting out a great way to correct the behavior is to give them some exercise. Always consult with your vet before putting your dog into any high impact strenuous activities.

Training A Cane Corso Puppy

If we’ve said it before we will always say it again, early socialization is a must. The practice of allowing your pup to meet and greet other dogs and people allows them to understand the difference between friend or foe. And because this is a very VERY big breed it’s best for them to be gentle giants most of the time and ferocious beast only when necessary, not the other way around. The good news is that Cane Corsos are a breed that enjoys training. They are happy to make the owner proud and love activities that not only test their physical ability but their mental one too. Consistency is going to be key with training, the longer they repeat and action or behavior the more cemented it becomes in their overall life.

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