Brussels Griffon Puppy Breed Information

Brussels Griffon Puppy Breed Information



inquisitive, Devoted, and Watchful

Height: 7-10 inches

Weight:  8-10 pounds

Average life span: 12-15 years

Overview of Brussels Griffon Puppies

If you love large personalties pack into to small frames, then you will absolutely adore a Brussels Griffon. This breed stands full grown at about 7-10 inches and weights range from about 8-10 pounds. When it comes to the colors these puppies come in you’ll have 4 distinct options; Red, Black & Reddish-Brown (known as Belge), Black & Tan, and all Black. The fur on Brussels comes in 2 forms, smooth similar to a Bulldog or rough like the Cairn Terrier. Brussels short black muzzle decorated with whiskers is their defining look, it almost resembles a beard on a man. Their body is sturdy with an athletic form, and gait that shows off their strong-will.

Brussels Griffons are typically a very friendly breed and come easy to train. They are playful and energetic but their sensitive nature doesn’t make them good pets to rough house with. Griffs also are very attached to their families, they will like to stick close as to not miss out on a moment with their favorite humans.

Grooming A Brussels Griffon Puppy

As stated prior there are 2 coats that could adorn a Brussels, smooth or rough. The smooth coated Griffons will shed much more than the rough, and during shedding season will need daily brushings- weekly during the regular periods. Baths should happen occasionally to remove dirt. Rough coats do not shed meaning their grooming is even more frequent to prevent knots from causing discomfort.

Exercising This Sporting Breed

Exercise is vital for the physical and mental health of your Brussels Griffon puppy. Its recommended to give them at least a half-hour of moderate exercise. While letting them out to the yard for them to frolic solo seems like the best idea, Griffons much prefer activities that involve their human. This builds upon the bond making them much more trainable.

Training A Brussels

Something we can not stress enough is early socialization. Socializing your puppy, safely, is important it allows them to understand friend or foe and shows them what is the proper way to play with other pups. Most well adjusted adult dogs all have some form of early socialization. Griffs are known to be very intelligent and create strong bonds with their owners, this trait makes training walk in the park. House breaking though like most small breeds can be a bit challenging at first. This is because they do not respond well to harsh methods. Its best to use positive reinforcement to make them understand that using the bathroom outside is what we want. Besides that they will seem like your shadow as they follow you almost everywhere you go if possible. We would not recommend attempting to leave for long periods alone as they can begin to pick up some undesirable behaviors. But overall this breed is just full of life and love all cramped into a compact body.

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