Pug Breed Information

Pug Breed Information



Playful, Caring, and Charismatic

Height: 10-13 inches

Weight: 14-18 pounds

Average life span: 13-15 years

Overview of Pug Puppies

The Pug is a very interesting breed to say the least. Being noted as one of the oldest breeds with records showing their prominence even back during ancient China, as emperors were fascinated with flat faced dogs. Pugs general appearance is described a square and cobby. Their head is large and round decorated with wrinkles and big bolstering eyes. Their expression fixated in a way that is solicitous and inviting. They have a short rounded squared muzzle with a slight underbite. The breed standard colors are Fawn and Black. 

Most who have had the pleasure of caring for a Pug would describe them as the perfect house dog. They adapt well to a variety of lifestyles, from big city living to country farm life a Pug puppy will find tranquility. They are great for a single owner or even a family with small children. Climate should be kept moderate, not too hot or cold as most smushed faced dogs breathing can be affected negatively by harsh weather. 

How To Groom A Pug Puppy

Great news for those interested in Pugs as their maintenance needs are pretty low. Now they do shed which might be a little bit of a nuisance, but that nothing a Pug smile cant fix. Their smooth glossy coat should be brushed weekly, a medium-bristle brush or hound glove should do the trick. These brushes will help prevent so much hair being left around the house, it also makes for great bonding time. Pugs don’t need much baths unless they start picking up that doggy-oder. Really making sure their wrinkles, depending on how pronounced, are clear of debris and gunk might the most tedious task.

How To Exercise a Pug Puppy

Now this breed standard look is lean muscular, but that does not mean it comes 100% naturally. If you let them, Pugs will curl up on the sofa happy as can be and eat their life away. So while they may look cute fat Pugs are not ideal for long healthy lives. But the good news is with just a bit of encouragement Pugs will gladly be lively and playful. Daily play sessions with moderate walks or romps in the yard your Pug will stay fit and healthy. Warning though short muzzled breeds do not do well in extreme temps, due to breathing difficulties. So always gauge the weather and if too hot or too cold keep outdoor activities to a minimum.

Training A Pug Puppy

The Pug is breed so many have fallen in love with, their stable temperament and adaptability makes them great companions. They are super people pleasers, as they enjoy each and every opportunity to make their families happy. They are a sensitive breed, so harsh training methods aren’t usually effective and should be avoided as to not harm the Pugs mental health. This is a family oriented breed meaning they like to be around their owner. Being alone for long periods of time can lead to an unhappy Pug. So to avoid unwanted behaviors plan to dedicate a bit of time each day to your Pug. And as with every single breed we recommend socialization, puppies learn how to deal with other humans and dogs from an early age. If isolated it can cause undesirable behaviors later on in adulthood.

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