Keeshond Breed Information

Keeshond Breed Information



Joyful, Bright, and Sociable

Height: 17-18 inches 

Weight: 35-45 pounds

Average life span: 12-15 years

Overview Of Keeshond Puppies

Keeshond’s are similar in look to other spitz types; Pomeranians and Samoyeds. Keeshond puppies have a fox-like face, upright ears, and a big fluffy coat of fur. One of their more defining features is the markings around the face which sometimes look like “spectacles”. These markings give off an alert and intelligent expression. A fun fact is that these fine pups come from Holland and remains a symbol of dutch patriotism.

Grooming A Keeshond Puppy

These pups will require some grooming, but that’s not to say it will be a super strenuous job either. With a weekly brush using a pin brush, you should be able to get the job done. This practice will keep their undercoat nice and fine while eliminating some of the sheddings. Baths should happen about once maybe twice a month depending, and blowdry will help keep their coat looking fluffed and organized.

Exercising A Keeshond Pup

Aside from the physical beauty that is a Keeshond is their adaptability. While every dog does need some exercise, the Keeshond is one that with some free run time or just some daily walks is happy. The puppies with that alone will benefit both physically and mentally. And after some time frolicking in the yard they will enjoy curling up next to their owner for some TV time. Spending time with this dog daily is really all they require.

Training Keeshonden

Kees puppies learn quickly! They are known for being highly trainable, excelling at obedience and agility. Keeshonds have also been used for therapy making for great service and emotional support dogs. Socializing them early will also help them better behave around other dogs and people. With all dogs, it’s about patience and consistency, as long as you put them on a schedule and correct unwanted behavior quickly they will be easier to manage.