Vizsla Breed Information

Vizsla Breed Information



Loving, Active, and Compassionate

Height: 21 – 24 inches

Weight: 44 – 60 pounds

Average life span: 12 – 14 years

Overview of Vizsla Puppies

Vizsla puppies are covered in a golden-rust coat, when fully grown they can be about 21-24 inches tall. They have long drooped ears a caring expression and an athletic frame built for hunting and sports. As they were bred originally for hunting they form very tight bonds with their owners and seldomly like to be left alone.

These dogs excel in various activities and sports. They have a graceful gait and very high stamina, perfect for those looking to have a companion for their jogs or bike rides. It is recommended to plan shared activities with your Vizsla, they get the best exercise when their owner is involved.

Grooming A Vizsla Puppy

Another great thing about Vizslas is they do not require complicated grooming. They come equipped with a short sleek coat, they do shed but with occasional brushing using a rubber glove, there will be less to clean up later. Bath time is something that will happen occasionally unless they roll around in something really filthy. Their ears should be checked frequently to prevent any ear infections. Dogs with floppy ears can tend to get infections more frequent then pups with perked up ears.

Exercising A Vizsla Puppy

These Puppies were bred to hunt, so as stated in the overview do plan to exercise your Vizsla both physically and mentally. Of course, this will vary from pup to pup as no 2 dogs are the same, just take the time to learn your dog and what they prefer. Our recommendation is to plan 30 minutes of your day to exercise with your dog. This can be a simple walk in the park or a nice game of fetch. The idea is that you partake in whatever exercise activity, Vizsla is not a dog you just put in a fenced yard alone to exercise. The time spent during these exercises will strengthen your bond and also prevent and unwanted behaviors.

How To Train A Vizsla Puppy

With consistent training, your Vizsla Puppy will catch on quick to wrong from right. This breed is highly intelligent and can be a bit manipulative so forming a strong bond with tight communication will keep your pup from being a “bad dog.” They are sensitive so positive reinforcement works best paired with early socialization your Vizsla will be an all-star in any situation. This breed can also be trained for sport! They can excel at sports such as; tracking, barn hunts, dock diving, rally, and obedience. It all boils down to how consistent and dedicated you are to the training and nurturing process from the beginning.