Dogue de Bordeaux AKA French Mastiff Breed Information

Dogue de Bordeaux AKA French Mastiff Breed Information



Devoted, Caring, and Brave

Height: 23 – 26 inches

Weight: 99 pounds +

Average life span: 5-8 years

Overview Of French Mastiff Puppies

The French Mastiff is a guard dog of incredible power. The males tend to be a bit larger than the females and can reach weights of 110 pounds. They come with a fawn short fur coat, a gigantic head that has bulldog-like features, and a deeply furrowed brow. Dogue De Bordeaux has the largest head in the canine kingdom, proportionate to its body. Their body is stocky and low but when duty calls their movements are strong and powerful.

Although large and menacing looking these giants are super sweet and sensitive. They are rich in loyalty and great for people of all ages. They can be a bit stubborn but with proper training, they can be the perfect fit for any family.

How To Groom A French Mastiff Puppy

These dogs are famous for their drool and wrinkles. The face is full of folds that seem to go on for days, which will need special attention weekly, in some cases daily. They need to be kept clean and dry to prevent irritation or infections. Other than that their coat is easy to maintain weekly bruising with a rubber glove will help with shedding.  And baths can be something done monthly unless they get into something nasty. Wiping them with a damp towel and drying after weekly can also help keep them smelling fresh and clean.

How Much Excercise Do French Mastiffs Need?

While these behemoths have would seem to need an immense amount of exercise, they should be limited to low-impact activities until at least 18 months old. This will prevent any strain against their developing bones and joints. They should also not be overworked and stairs should also be avoided. Swimming is a great exercise to work into their regiment as it will be low-impact and give them a full range for their joint development, especially when they get up in age. Although when older they can handle more of a workout, it’s recommended to consult with your vet.

How Do You Train A French Mastiff?

Early socialization and obedience training is something to take seriously with this breed. These giants are sensitive and demand trust, using rough forms of training is something to avoid, as it may lead to worsened behaviors. You must be consistent and show your Dogue de Bordeaux who is the boss. Otherwise, they will understand they overpower you and lead undesirable behaviors.