Everything You Need To Know About Yorkie Puppies

Everything You Need To Know About Yorkie Puppies



Loving, Peppy, and Feisty

Height: 7-8 inches

Weight: 6-7 / 12-15 pounds

Average life span: 11-15 years

Overview Of Yorkie Puppies

Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) puppies are a compact breed coming in a variety of sizes. The most popular being the toy that weighs in the ballpark of 6-7 pounds when fully grown. There is also the larger counterpart which can reach weights of about 12-15 pounds. They all will have human-like hair which is great for those seeking a low allergen option dog. Their hair can either be thick and silky or a bit more rough and wirey. The standard colors that can be found are steel blue & gold tan or black & gold tan.

Now even though the Yorkie is a dog who seems very delicate and prissy. This breed can be fiery and commanding, traits of a true terrier. Frequently titled one of the most popular breeds for their adaptability to most areas. The Yorkie is a breed who have a long life span, low allergen human like hair coat, and make for great watchdogs.

Grooming Your Yorkie Puppy

The hair of a Yorkie puppy is very similar to that of a human and should be taken care of in the same manner. If your deciding to keep the length long daily brushing will be necessary to avoid knots. If the hair on the head is long tying the hair back will be needed to avoid irritation of the eyes. They bath time will be more frequent then most expect to do this weekly.

Excercise And Your Yorkie Puppy

A good exercise regiment does a world of good for pups both mentally and physically. Short walks around the neighborhood mixed with some playtime will increase the bond and keep them happy. This a very intelligent breed that can perform well in things such as obedience or agility. They enjoy the challenge keeping their mind healthy makes for a well-mannered pup.

How Do You Train A Yorkie?

This is a breed whos bonds heavily with its family, they have high intelligence level and enjoy pleasing their loved ones. So when it comes to training positive reinforcement is what most professionals would recommend, harsh corrections may not sit well with them. Starting from as early as possible is the best, and early socialization with other dogs and humans provides the foundation for a well-mannered pup. When introducing Yorkies to the new environment and people it’s best to ease them into the situation as to not startle them, these should be positive encounters. The Yorkie is also a breed that makes for great therapy work.