Picking the Right Breed

Pick out the next member of your family with guidance from Breeder's Pick, the best puppy breeders in Orlando, Florida. Quality, temperament, and trainability are our main focus. Our showrooms feature a wide variety of purebred puppies bred by professional, licensed breeders we have worked with for many years. Contact us today to learn more about our puppies.

Health Guarantees

Your new puppy comes with a congenital defect guarantee in compliance with all state laws. All Breeder's Pick puppies are registered with an identification microchip to help you locate your pet.

Additionally should your new companion develop any health concerns directly related to their time spent in Breeder's Pick within the first 21 days Union Park Animal Hospital will care for your puppy and all medical expenses will be provided at no charge to you!

We also have a 24 Hour Hotline to help you with training, feeding and medical concerns.

Choosing Your Breed

There are breeds of dogs and cats to match every lifestyle. Our specialty is making that match. We recommend that you pick five breeds you're interested in and then come give us a visit. Breeder's Pick will guide and educate you on those breeds. Then, it's all up to you!