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Cuddle with puppies of various dog breeds. At Breeder's Pick, we guide you in choosing the best puppy that you can bring home today.

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All of our puppies are treated with utmost care and attention. As experts in proper puppy care, we ensure that each of our puppies is
in good health.

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See some of our new puppies. We have many more. Please call us or visit our Facebook for more pictures.


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Serving Central Florida: Orlando
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A puppy should not be bought based on it's cute looks alone.  When purchasing a puppy it is very important to connect and match your personality as well as life style with your new furry friend.  We are strongly against purchasing puppies over the internet and adding them to your shopping cart.  Furthermore, puppies kept in cribs  might seem adorable however, in order to take home a well-adjusted and trainable puppy it should receive excercise outside, plenty of fresh air and be socialized properly.  Here at Breeder's Pick puppies in orlando we have a fenced-in back yard where our puppies excercise daily.  Unfortunately, cribs with baby mobiles do not provide the same stimulation for a lively puppy. In fact it makes the transition for the puppy and the new puppy parent complicated. Consider this when purchasing your new friend.


Here at Breeder's Pick puppies in orlando we want your experience with your new family member to be the best one possible. Owned and operated by professional dog breeders and trainers with more than 20 years of experience, we invite you to visit our showroom to find out more about the following services:

 • Puppy Sales • Training

Puppies for Sale

We have a variety of toy, medum and large breed puppies to choose from including designer/hybrids such as Goldendoodles, Cock a poos, Morkies, etc.  However, if there is a breed you would like which we do not presently have we can contact one of the many breeder's we work with closely and locate your
new companion.

Contact our knowledgeable dog breeders in Orlando, Florida, to choose from our wide selection of puppies for sale.